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Welcome to AULA - your gateway to luxury holidays in Europe combined with Japanese premium service for that extra royal feel.

We strongly believe that the mesmerising beauties and history of our destinations, the world-renowned Japanese hospitality, accuracy and devotion paired with the insightful local know-how are a perfect match and the key to unlock the ultimate luxury stay experience and AULA luxury rentals.

With the aim of being reliable property owners, we have carefully selected unique luxury rentals & apartments which will meet all your needs. On top of that, our goal is to offer the best tourist service crowned with our warm welcome. AULA provides a wide list of extra services, among which sightseeing, boat trips, transfers, and more.

Our guests have full access to secure and fast information, as well as around the clock direct communication with our thoughtful, polite and dedicated team.

All our listings are regularly updated with availability calendars, reliable lists of amenities and facilities.

Please expect a reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

It is our mission to make your AULA travel experience - from the very first inquiry up until your check-out - impeccable and close to perfection by providing you with straightforward and secure communication, carefree, safe and one-of-a-kind stay, so as to help you create unforgettable memories and unleash your inner royal.

Who Are We

Who We Are

AULA represents a multinational and culturally diversified team gathered around one single idea: to provide you with exclusive accommodation and travel-experience along the breathtaking Mediterranean coast, along with unparalleled care and dedication during your much-needed retreat from everyday life.

AULA stands out for its world-renowned Japanese hospitality, accuracy and devotion, supported by a strong local team with the know-how that allows us to create one-of-a-kind travel experiences for our guests.

This extraordinary fusion of exclusive accommodations, Japanese warm welcome and local know-how is key to unlock the ultimate luxury stay experience and unforgettable vacations.

AULA’s luxury & holiday accommodation portfolio is rapidly expanding across different Mediterranean countries so as to provide you with numerous options for an exclusive travel-experience.

As luxury property owners and providers of a wide list of extra services, among which sightseeing, boat trips, transfers, and more, AULA is here to help you shape every single detail of your tailor-made holidays, for that extra royal feel you have been looking for.

The Story of AULA

About AULA logo

AULA’s logo is inspired by the motif of spring water droplets, once scattered all over Medieval Europe and which are said to have healed visitors. 

Four droplets have now been brought together so as to form AULA’s flower, which blossoms across the Mediterranean with the aim to heal the hearts of all travellers who yearn to unleash their inner royal.