The beaches which are not to be missed when visiting Brač island

The beaches which are not to be missed when visiting Brač island

Published at: 08/01/2021
Written by: Duje Tičinović

AULA is your gateway to luxury holidays in Europe, offering outstanding hospitality for that extra royal feel. Along with our unique luxury rentals, we also provide a wide list of extra services, among which boat trips, sightseeing and more. We invite you to indulge in our tailor-made speedboat tours and discover the mesmerizing beauties of the Dalmatian archipelago. Let us guide you through the incredible beaches on Brač island, just a 25-minute speed boat-ride from the city of Split.

Brač is the largest Dalmatian island, situated in front of Split. During the summer season, the crowded ferry lines from Split are available every hour, from early morning to midnight. An ideal destination for day trips from the Dalmatian capital, the island of Brač is a very well-connected island, with new roads, where rent-a-cars and taxis can easily roam. What is more, Brač also has an airport which connects the island with France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and other countries with direct lines during the summer.

If well-organized, you will be able to visit several heavenly beaches in one day.

Zlatni Rat Beach

Celebrated as one of Croatia’s top beaches, this surfers’ paradise is also listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. The famous Zlatni rat, or otherwise known as Golden Horn beach is located on the southern side of the island of Brač, 4km from the town of Bol.

Zlatni rat has also been named one of best beaches in the world by The Telegraph, Big 7 Travel and European Best Destinations web magazine.

Often depicted on postcards of Croatia, this incredible pebble beach elegantly stretches 500 meters into the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and is definitely the most famous attraction of this beautiful island.

Brač Beaches - Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn)Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn)

A wonder of nature, the pointed top of Zlatni rat, frequently changes its shape and direction according to the movements of strong sea currents. There are even times when a small lake is formed at the top, as the point turns to touch all the way back. What is more, the location and shape of Zlatni rat allow visitors to choose from two sides of the beach, a windier and a more peaceful one. Contrary to some visitors’ beliefs, Zlatni rat is not a sandy beach, and is not man-made. This beach is a unique natural phenomenon, where the fine, rounded pebbles anatomically adapt to your feet as you walk into the sea, or to your body as you lay down to sunbathe.

The beach has been awarded with a Blue Flag, meaning you are provided with everything you might need. Just a few steps from the beach, inside the dense pine forest, you can find two restaurants, as well as the remains of a Roman Villa Rustica which you can visit. The restaurants offer local specialties, whereas there are also numerous stands with fresh fruit, desserts and smoothies. The lounge bars offer snacks as well as coffee and refreshing cocktails to be enjoyed in comfortable seats. Sets of chairs and parasols are also available for rent at the beach. When deciding on which part of the beach you want to settle on, it should also be noted that the small western coves of Zlatni rat are approved nudist beaches.

Brač Beaches - Surfing at Zlatni Rat BeachSurfing at Zlatni Rat Beach

There are numerous things to do on the beach, for both children and adults. Activities such as beach volley, jet ski and banana boat-rides as well as parachute rides over the beach are all very popular, as is the huge water park for children. Tennis, volleyball as well as scuba diving are also an option at the close by Borak beach, while paddle boats with slides, kayaks, as well as motor boats can be rented if you are interested in exploring the adjacent coastline.

Finally, some beach-goers also love spending their time in the search of the “stones of happiness” – tiny pebbles with shell fossils, which are said to bring luck to their finders.

Take pleasure in the hypnotizing beauty of this magical wonder of nature, swim in pristine waters, sunbathe or hide in the shade of the dense pine trees, opt for one of the many sports activities available or relax and gaze into the sunset with a bottle of wine.

Lovrećina Beach

Situated on the northern side of the island, Lovrećina is the only sandy beach on Brač and its sandy bottom stretches out more than 100 meters into the sea.

Brač Beaches - Lovrećina BeachLovrećina beach

The pine trees of this picturesque forested bay, offer the much-needed shade from the hot summer sun, while on the beach you will also find a café and a local restaurant where you can try various delicious local specialties.

What also characterizes this wonderful cove are its valuable archeological sites: the remains of a Roman summer villa and the Christian basilica of St. Lawrence, dating back to the 5th and 6th century, traditionally visited by pilgrims on August 10.

Take a day to enjoy this relaxing sandy paradise and its precious archeological findings.

Postira Beach (Zastivonje)

Brač Beaches - Postira (Zastivonje) BeachPostira Beach

The charming town of Postira counts several gorgeous small beaches along its coast. While one of the beaches is located in the very town center, an easy walk in any direction will take you to more than one lovely cove with crystal-clear waters to dive into!

Martinica Beach

Besides the world-renowned Zlatni rat, the town of Bol boasts another pretty pebble beach - Martinica. Situated very close to the town center, the beach consists of two sides, divided by an old Dominican monastery and the small promontory it was built upon.

Brač Beaches - Martinica BeachMartinica Beach

A locals’ favorite – Martinica beach is suitable for families and is child-friendly. It is recommended that you bring your own parasols as they are not available for rent on-site.

No toilets or showers are to be found on the beach either, while within the monastery’s courtyard there is a restaurant café.

In the afternoon hours, the idyllic monastery offers shade to the eastern side of the beach, while further down the bay, paths lead to isolated FKK coves.

When unwilling to be part of the crowd at Zlatni rat, Martinica is a lovely alternative, where you can swim and sunbathe in a historic setting as well as admire the views while facing the nearby island of Hvar.

Murvica Beach

The small village of Murvica, on the southern coast of the island, is a few minutes speedboat drive from the town of Bol and the mesmerizing Zlatni rat beach. Murvica has two small, but gorgeous beaches which overlook Hvar Island.

Brač Beaches - Murvica BeachMurvica Beach

These idyllic beaches are, however, accessible only by boat, or after a very steep walk downhill from the village. Here in Murvica, you can find your own peaceful spot in the shade of pine trees, swim in the crystal-clear sea and enjoy the stunning views this hidden oasis has to offer.

If you are interested in exploring the attractions on the southern slopes of the island, take the time to discover the nearby Dragon’s Cave, a 15th century refuge of Glagolitic priests.

Sumartin Beach

Explore the captivating coastline around the picturesque Sumartin. At one end, this small town boasts a wonderful beach, while small bays on the other side of the peninsula are also easy to reach.

Brač Beaches - SumartinSumartin

Lovely and peaceful hidden coves with pebble and sandy beaches, such as Žukovik, Rasotica, Radovanja, Zvirje, Studena and Spilice, are all to be found close to Sumartin.

This coastline overlooks the incredible Makarska riviera, besides mesmerizing views, it also offers a pristine sea, beautiful nature and rich Dalmatian culinary experiences – it all sounds like the recipe for a perfect daily trip.

Blaca Cove

Brač Beaches - Blaca Cove BeachBlaca Cove beach

Located on the southern coastline of Brač, Blaca cove is one of the most visited coves on the island. However, the stunning beach with a small chapel, surrounded by pine trees, is not the only reason this cove is so well-known. Blaca is also very famous for its monastery hermitage erected by monks in 1551. A 2-km forest trail from the beach will lead you uphill to this secluded and impressive monastery, nowadays a significant museum. Explore the complex of the monastery, which was once a naval and trading center, and get to know the rich cultural heritage of this site.

Unleash your inner royal and let AULA take care of your extraordinary Brač Island experience!

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