Croatia Luxury Rentals

Croatia Luxury Rentals

Split — Dalmatia | Dubrovnik

Welcome to AULA’s luxury rentals in Croatia!

We believe our top-notch selection of luxury rentals is the ideal starting point for an exceptional holiday experience, whether you choose to stay in Split, Dubrovnik or in other mesmerizing AULA listings on the Croatian coast.

All of AULA’s luxury rentals in Croatia go through a detailed selection process, to meet all your needs as well as the standards of Japanese premium hospitality - an essential part of AULA's identity. As property owners of all luxury rentals listed below, we assure you that all the details regarding amenities and features are reliable and accurately represented.

AULA’s luxury & holiday accommodation portfolio in Croatia is rapidly expanding so as to provide you with numerous options for an exclusive travel-experience. Choosing one of our rentals is just the beginning of your one-of-a-kind vacation in Croatia.

As providers of a wide list of extra services, among which sightseeing, boat trips and guided tours, our goal is to create an exquisite and unforgettable luxury holiday.

Feel free to contact us anytime for more information and details about our luxury rentals and services.

We invite you to explore AULA’s selection of luxury rentals in Croatia listed below and to book your dream holiday accommodation for that extra royal feel.

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